Extraordinary concerts at special locations - in accordance with this principle, Kulturgipfel GmbH presents a variety of high-quality and harmoniously- staged cultural events as operator, producer and agency.

With its wide network Kulturgipfel is a professional, creative and competent partner supporting local authorities, cultural offices, festivals and local promoterts when it comes to increasing their competitivesness. Thus establishing an attrractive cultural offer and creating highlights in the cultural life of your region.

In this manner Kulturgipfel as service provider annually stages more than 300 successful events - ranging from cultural counselling over a fair and transparent calculation to logistics.
With our team we constantly develop new concepts, drawing on our wealth of experience in staging more than 3,000 events from classical music to pop. All production are carried out with our claim of "highest artistic quality" based on long-term expertise in event and cultural marketing.In addition, our business partners can benefit from our experience and proficiency in the fields of marketing and public relations.

Kulturgipfel acts as an agent for the "Budapest Opera Theatre" as for the "Venezia Festival Opera" with its own tour production, with genres including opera and classical concerts. We also arrange bookings
for artists like "musical diva" Anna Maria Kaufmann or the "Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra". With a cosiderable repertoire and long-term tour planning we are in a position to make a favourable offer suitable for your requirements, enabling you to stay competitive as cultural operator and to polish your brand image.

Kulturgipfel is proficient in the field of classical music entertainment and crossover events. Our concerts hosted by moderators plus our concepts based on long experience not only offer varied cultural events for your core audience but are also ideally suited for reaching new target groups.
Show productions including "Abba Night" or "Attribute to Freddy Mercury"complement the diversified portfolio, providing for successful and popular events among local promoters as well as numerous cultural offices and companies.

Furthermore, we as concert organisers are very happy to arrange a customised top-quality event or series of events according to your preference. We gladly assist you with the realization of your ideas and will do our utmost to support you with professional counselling and comprehensive expertise.

We look forward to a successful business collaboration with you!